HTML & CSS - Level 1


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Learn HTML & CSS while you build a cool twitter like website

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Regardless of what your profession is, HTML and CSS are great skills to have. And even a little knowledge of these languages can make a big difference in your career. Just like having the ability to speak a foreign language, this sort of skill is helpful in almost all professions. First, let’s review what HTML and CSS are. HTML and CSS are the foundational languages of the web. HTML is a markup language that is used for developing web pages. CSS is a language that defines the presentation of a document written in HTML.

  • 50k+ fresher jobs

    50k+ fresher jobs

    India is one of the leading startup hub in the world. As more and more startups and MNC's are setting up their base in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc, the demand for industry certified rockstart web developer is increasing exponentially at an unprecedented rate.

  • Project based learning

    Project based learning

    Practice makes a man perfect. With Akadmy, you don't just learn the theory but apply it in practice at every step while building a full fledged user interface for a web application similar to twitter.

  • Code on Cloud

    Code on Cloud

    With CLOUD EDITOR, code directly on our website. So no more configuring the system and juggling between the browser and your IDE. Cloud Editor is bundled with the features like online compilation, and auto-complete. You can also share the link of your project (during the course) with others.

  • Lifetime access

    Lifetime access

    Get lifetime access to Cloud Editor and all the course materials. Study at your own pace anytime an anywhere.

Why take this course?

Just out from college?
With 50k+ freshers job available for HTML & CSS developer, you stand a great chance to grab that dream job.
Become a freelancer
Median freelance charges is 8-10 USD per hour. Be your own boss and do things you love :)
Switch to tech jobs
Tired of that Business Development profile? Time to fine tune coding skills before you quit your job.
Want to startup?
This course is a gateway for all wannabe entrepreneurs with no tech knowledge. Start here!

Robert H.J. Williams

Exactly what I was looking for :D

Sri Nivas Aiyar

Bang on! Exactly what I needed. Projects are very insightful and helps you develop real skills.

Cooper Peterson

Assignments and quizzes were the real boosters. It helped a lot in building strong HTML & CSS foundation. Bootstrap being the cherry on the top.

Nitin Niranjan Swamy

Strongly recommended for anyone planning a career in Frontend Development.

Lakshay Arora

Byte Code is so cute and intelligent. Answer to every question in an average of 1 hour. Outstanding support.
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    Sukant Kumar Cofounder, Akadmy

    “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” ― Linus Torvalds