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Job Guarantee Program - Aptitude Test

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Job Guarantee Program - Aptitude Test

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Selection to akadmy's job guarantee program is extremely competitive. Only 23/100 students qualifies to be a part of this program. JG-PAT tests you of the basic aptitude and analytical skills that is required to successfully complete this course. You get a detailed analysis of your performance and personalised assessment after completing the test.

  • Weak and Strong area analysis

    Weak and Strong area analysis

    With a curated set of questions from all the important topics, analyse all your strong and weak areas. This helps mentors at akadmy prepare a personalised course plan for everyone

  • Admission to job guarantee programs

    Admission to job guarantee programs

    Qualifying this test makes you eligible for akadmy's unique job guarantee programs

  • See yourself against other candidates from across India

    See yourself against other candidates from across India

    Get a bird's eye perspective into where you stand among your competitors

  • Get detailed analysis

    Get detailed analysis

    After the test, you get a detailed assessment of your performance highlighting all the important metrics

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test user

Amazing quiz

Saumya Tes

Test was good. Has questions from almost all the topics. Number of questions could have been more though

Robert Hill

Sai Sumanth

i love the way this exam and courses are designed and looking forward hopefully to get selected for the job guarantee program

Aaditya Tamrakar

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    Sukant Kumar Co-founder, Akadmy

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